Tersan Marine is a well-established dry parking and maintenance facility providing boatyard, maintenance and refit services for boats and yachts of all kinds.


Discover Excellence in Yacht Repair and Docking! An Exclusive Destination for Yacht Care

Affiliated with Tersan Group, Tersan Marine also has investments for repair, maintenance services and yacht building projects.

With its exceptional services and facilities, Tersan Marine is expected to become a popular destination for yachts from all around the world, and has established itself to be a leading center for yachting.

Tersan Marine has one of the largest service capacities in the world, and we are constantly growing and expanding our facilities to meet the needs of our guests. We are dedicated to provide a world- class service experience to all of our guests and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Tersan Marine.

Aenean Tincidunt

Tersan Group

is one of the major global companies in Europe serving its customers as a trusted partner in shipbuilding and in ship repair industries with an experience of over 25 years.

The Group’s main activities are gathered around Tersan Shipyard, operating in two facilities located in Tuzla/Istanbul and Yalova, has been settled on an area of about 320,000 m² and hosting an average of 5,000 dedicated employees. The group also has shipyard investments in Norway (Tersan Havyard) and in Yumurtalık/Adana.

Having a diverse range of services that include ship building, ship repair, ship management, ship agency services and yacht repair and marine services; Tersan group also has investments in land- based renewable energy (wind and solar), textile, steel pipes, and solar panel production.